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Sunday, 23 January 2011

So sad to be making a card today with Papertake Weekly

So terribly sad!   We learned recently that the unborn baby of some dear friends of ours tragically passed away just 5 weeks before he was due to be born.   He is now an angel - forever sleeping.
It was so hard to work out what kind of a card to send and what to say inside.  Papertake Weekly's theme for ribbon and pearls helped enormously. 

Ivory card, Cuttlebug embossed and inked, with a stamped and heat embossed cross.  A little ribboned lace (thank you Janiel) and 5 pearls seemed to produce something suitable.


Lorraine A said...

Beautiful card Lesley ,, what a sad occasion to make a card for :-( such a devastating thing to happen. I am sure your friends will appreciate this card and your support at this sad time xx

Thanks for joining us on the Papertake Weekly Challenge :-)
Lols x x x

Joey said...

So sad Lesley, my heart goes out to your friends.xx

Your card is lovely.x

Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful and sorry about your friends hun!! BIG HUGS your way.

Jules said...

Oh how sad Lesley .. .. and such a difficult card to make.

I always struggle with these type of cards. You have made this beautifully.

I am sure your friends will have really appreciated the gesture .. but how awful for them to have to go through this. My heart goes out to them.

Love Jules xx

Lorraine said...

oh Leslie this is a perfect card its so beautiful i am so sad and sorry for your friend and i am sure they will love the card you made my thoughts are with your friends and i totally agree he is now a beautiful angel looking down
tfs huni
Lorraine xx

Val said...

Dear Lesley - I think you have captured this beautifully. What a heart wrenching time for them - I am sure the thought it so appreciated.

Val said...

Dear Lesley - I think you have captured this beautifully. What a heart wrenching time for them - I am sure the thought it so appreciated.

Julie said...

Such a sad occasion to be making a card for, but this is perfect for your friends, at such a devastating time!! Juliexx

Vicky said...

Hi sweetie can I just say that I was in this position when I was 16 my 1st baby boy came too early & died just before he made it into the world then the following year my 2nd son came to early he tried to fight but sadly just could not hang on & died a day later in my arms. To receive this absolutely beautiful card will bring them peace, love & support hun cus it just say everything your heart is saying which sometimes words cannot express.....this is beautiful & your friends will treasure it with their hearts. I'm sending my love & thoughts to them its something they will never forget & the pain will always remain. I wish them strength, courage & love but most importantly I wish them togetherness cus now is the time when a couple needs to become one.
I am so so sorry for droaning on hunni I've just had my 2nd sons memorium on friday he would of been 21....not a day goes by where I dont think of him & his brother. They will always be my angels.

Huge hugs sweetie
Vicky xxx

Alex said...

I am so sorry for your friends, Lesley, what an absolute horrible thing to happen. Being blessed with two healthy kids makes you so lucky but also brings home how terrible it is to have such a precious life taken away from you. I am sure your card will bring comfort to them, it's beautiful and heartfelt.
Love, Alex

Andie's Space said...

Hi Lesley,
It's such a shame that this beautiful card was necessary. I can't imagine what they are going through & my heart goes out to them. I hope they can take some support from your lovely gesture.
Andie xx

chris said...

Hi Lesley, I am so so sorry for your friends it must have been awful.
its a stunning card so very elegant. hugs chris xx

lalkygirl said...

oh lesley that is so sad for your friends,this card you have made is perfect for the sad occasion ,i am sure she will take comfort knowing you are thinking of her
take care
tracey x

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

So sad, Lesley, and so difficult to create a card for this, but you have done a wonderful job. Beautiful card.

Mina said...

oh no how terrible Lesley they must be so devastated...they will appreciate the thought behind your beautiful heart goes out to them
Mina xxx

Deb said...

I am sorry to hear that sad news but your card is so beautiful I am sure it will bring much needed comfort to the grieving parents. hugs Debx

Anonymous said...

Lesley, your card is beautiful. Although it is a very sad occasion, your friends will take comfort in knowing you are there for them. I am so sorry for their loss...
Hugs Sue

Lindsey said...

Oh Lesley, how tragic.
The card is beautiful, understated and elegant and very fitting, i'm sure your friend will really appreciate your thought and effort.
Linds x

Dawn B. said...

Oh how sad..What a terrible loss for this family. Your card will bring them comfort during this time of loss. Great card.

Annie said...

your card is so beautiful, although for a sad occasion.
hugs, annie x

Faye said...

Lesley, this card is just perfect for the heartbreakingly sad occasion it was needed for. xxx

pickle said...

Very hard to make cards for such Sad occasions Lesley put this is perfect ((hugs))
Kerry x

Kathleen said...

these are horrible cards to make aren't they. i had to make one for my cousin whose baby was stillborn at full term!
you've done a great job at such a sad time.
kathleen mc xx