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Thursday, 25 March 2010

So sorry to appear anti-social but...

When I first started my blog – and it was only in October last year – my primary reason for doing so was to share my work with best matey Julie. She was inspiring me with new ideas all the time and I wanted to show her what I had achieved as a result of her inspiration.
Then other people started commenting on my little corner of creativity and I got such a warm glowing feeling from having people say nice things about my creations.
Of course the next step was for me to visit the blogs of people who had so kindly dropped by and left a comment for me and then for me to visit the blogs of people who had dropped by their blogs, etc, leaving my own comments as I hopped along. Then came the challenges. So many challenges and so little time!
The result of all of my blog hopping and challenge viewing (and entering) is that I feel my card crafting abilities have improved exponentially. I still have a long way to go, of course, but I know that I would not be so pleased with the majority of the cards I make today had it not been for all the divine inspiration and encouragement I receive from spending hours and hours viewing the work of fabulously creative and lovely people, reading lovely comments left for me and stopping by to leave comments for others along the way.
And there lies the rub!
I had a really quiet work period (I mean office work) in January and February and I was able to hop with a vengeance and create at my leisure. Work has picked up, however. Most of what I do for a living, I do from home, sitting in front of the same computer I use for blogging and my blogging is proving to be a dangerous distraction. Whereas I used to come into my home office in the morning, check my e-mails and start work straight away, I now come in and sit down to stop by the blogs I follow. I usually do this several times in a day and then last thing before bedtime too. As a result, I am not getting through my office work, I am rarely in bed before 1.00am (much to hubby’s dismay) and I am finding less and less time to actually make cards!
So regrettably I have had to make the really hard decision to stop hopping! Or at least to stop hopping like a maniac. As a result of my tough decision, I am going to remove the thumbnails of the (more than 50) blogs I follow from my sidebar at the end of this month and I am going to restrict myself to commentary only once a month thereafter except for a very small handful from all the lovely people out there. I don’t doubt that I will zoom by your blogs more often than that (my list of blogs I follow will remain on my profile pages) but I have to stop leaving 30 comments a day and I’m also going to remove the “comment visible only after blog owner approval” setting so I won’t see the comments coming in on a daily basis, (if there are still any comments after this!), only when I go back to look at them much later.
I will continue to gain inspiration from all of you lovelies out there and I will continue to make cards and post them but the reality is that I have never been a “forum” kind of gal, I don’t have My Space or Twitter or Face Book. I just like to make cards in my spare time but work and hubby have to come first!
I hope you all understand! I really have enjoyed the last six months “meeting” and “talking” with lovely, creative individuals who share my pass-time but its got to stop at least until work gets quiet again!

Warmest of wishes, Lesley


Unknown said...

It is a tough one, I have found myself in a similar situation, it draws you in before you know it!!
Angela x

dolcreations said...

Lesley I totally understand. I have found the same thing. So I have tried to do the same thing with a little more balance. Your so right, family and work are first. I'm like you, I love to create too but you do not want it to consume you either! It is suppose to be purely fun...
Have a wonderful day Lesley,

Annie said...

I totally understand where you are coming from - thankfully I am retired but sometimes a whole morning has gone and I've not even washed the breakfast dishes, let alone making it up to my craft room!
hugs, annie x

Kim Piggott said...

Lesley I totally understand.
It is so hard finding that balance and I think you have made such a great decision. Work and hubby definitely come first!
Take care and I look forward to seeing more of your creations when you have time!
kim x

Dawn B. said...

I totally understand too. I know how time consuming it becomes.. I too take so much time in commenting.. Great decision.. You have inspired me....good luck with work..

debby4000 said...

I understand, its easier for me since I'm retired on health grounds. You have to be tough to get the right balance. I will still be popping by since I love your cards and hope you able to find time to make some now.

lalkygirl said...

hi lesley
i totally understand,i am gonna have to do the same ,blogging is taking over and i am not creating any where near enough projects,so i hope to see your lovely creations when you have more time
happy craftimng
lalkygirl x

Shelly said...

I'm another serial blogger...or so it seems... and I completely know where you're coming from. You've been brave enough to admit to it! I find I have less time for other things... like crafting (the whole point of this) and even eating (although I haven't lost a pound arrrgh)... and recently, like you I have been less tied up with work (this will soon change). Thanks for popping by my blog, maybe I'll hear from you again when you get the time.
Hugs Shelly ;)

Deb said...

oh hun we have all been there, it does have a tendency to take over from time to time and then it is time to step back and get your life in balance again, I look forward to your creations when you get time to post! have a great weekend, hugs Debx

Sandra said...

Hi Lesley!
It's the first time I've hopped over to your blog and can I just say that your creations are wonderful.
I can totally understand about getting the balance right with blogging/family/work/crafting... I struggle with it on a daily basis. It's usually my house that suffers ;o)
Sandra x

Sandra said...

Hi Lesley!
It's the first time I've hopped over to your blog and can I just say that your creations are wonderful.
I can totally understand about getting the balance right with blogging/family/work/crafting... I struggle with it on a daily basis. It's usually my house that suffers ;o)
Sandra x

Alex said...

Hi Lesley, I totally understand and I have the same problems... Hopefully will see more of your cards that way ;-)
Love, Alex

Val said...

Hi Lesley

I am sure everybody understand the situation you are in at the moment. I know how hard it is to stop hopping, and the balance has to come somewhere.
You have provided with me a lot of inspiration, so take care, and I look forward to the times when you can blog.

Janiel/ janny said...

OH Lesley, I understand and I also think I understand just how hard that must be. I love to come here and see your cards. I hope that don't stop as I will still come to check on you.
big hugs, Janiel

Mina said...

iy happens to us all from time to time Lesley dont worry about it, we will all still be here when your stunning work appears from time to time
Mina xxx

The Wired Angel said...

Go where your heart leads you.. that's what is most important Lesley.. Love, Peggy

pickle said...

I competely understand hun and now where you are coming from. I find it extremely difficult to try and cram everything into my day too. Uploading photos to my blog forums challenges etc . Sometimes it is just too much. You have to do what you feel is best. We all understand
Kerry x

Kathleen said...

totally understandable Lesley.
i don't work and i still don't find enough time ot make cards cos i spend so much time on forums and blog hopping (and checking out ebay of course!)
I only occasionally blog hop now, and mostly when i get a mental block and need some inspiration!!

hope to see you about soon.
kathleen xx
ps not sure if jules has told you, but we should be moving back down south soon, so hopefully we can all meet up again.