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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Friday Sketchers Self Indulgence

Today's card is more about concept than design and more about the recipient than the artwork but I thought I'd post it anyway.  I used the sketch over at Friday Sketchers to make a card for my cousin's husband (Bob) who lives in the States and I think you might have to live in the States to fully appreciate it.    My card yesterday used a great image of a workshop shelf and I have re-used that image in my card today.  The thing is that whereas yesterday's intended recipient's workshop shelf probably does look just like yesterday's picture - and the cameo picture in this card (cluttered, paint spills, multiple screws in various-sized glass jars, etc.) - Bob's workshop shelves look like they were intended for a catalogue photo shoot.  You could eat dinner in his workshop! Everything has a place and there is a place for everything.  All of his sundries are kept in what were once oatmeal containers (we don't have them in the UK) which he paints black and then neatly labels.  His tools are all neatly arranged, his shelves immaculately clean.  And so this card is for him - complete with painted oatmeal containers, neatly labeled - because the card I made yesterday just didn't cut it!
The cameo shelf "before Bob" is a Personal Impressions stamp, the paper is Papermania and the sentiment is Stampin Up.  The wording on the little wall plaque next to the shiny tools is allegedly attributed to Roseanne Barr and reads "I will clean the house when Sears makes a vacuum you can ride on".  Bob's workshop is fit for a king but it is my cousin, Jan, who keeps the house looking stunning!
PS - Once again I wasn't happy with the photo and the card needed a bit of extra balance too so I have uploaded the photo again.


dolcreations said...

OH MY GOODNESS Lesley..this is so neat! I LOVE IT! One thing I love about your blog is you always try and do unique things! I love that! This card would suite my hubby too! LOVE LOVE IT! Thank-you so much for inspiring me!

Dena said...

Wait, wait, wait!!! How in the world did you do this? This is just like so perfect! I love the way you did the oatmeal containers (yes, we reuse them a lot here) that is soooooo very special. He is going to just looooove this card. So personalized just for him! Very clever!
Hugs, Dena

Teresa said...

you have made a great card, any D.I.Y man would appreciate this.
Teresa xx

dolcreations said...

Hi Lesley..I am back again..this time I showed hubby! He thought it was great! Way to go girl!

Kim Piggott said...

Oh wow this is so totally fantastic!
Brilliant work!
kim x