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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Project ...

Three weeks ago I made a post about the card I made for our grandson's baptism. It looked like this.   
Today I thought I would share some photos of the occasion. Be WARNED... there are lots of photos although I have tried to make some composites.

This is the pretty invitation Emma put together
It is a green scroll topped with a frog on a stick and a ribbon and tag for the recipient.  The invitations are all hand delivered and the inside contains the information about the church and the venue for the party. Our daughter had a fairy tale prince theme in green and blue with frogs and crowns for the after Baptism celebration.  The baptism took place in Crete where it is usual to make something that the Greeks call Bouboniera. These are "favours" containing sugared almonds. and she chose THE most difficult bouboniera to make!
A Frog on a stick like the one on the invitation (remove the frog and the raffia bow and discard the stick)
60cm of heavy guage wire
70 cm wide turquoise ribbon
35 cm green organza ribbon
35 cm yellow satin ribbon
35 cm blue cord
50 cm medium turquoise ribbon
4 x 10 cm squares of green netting
4 x 25 cm lengths of blue cord
1 yellow bead
1 little eye charm to ward off evil
4 sugared almonds
and a key ring


Just in case you didn't get that - Emma spent days cuting the 240 lengths of the wide turquoise ribbon and making the hoops by winding the wire around a candle and I needed to cut 240 lengths each of the thinner turquoise, the green and the yellow ribbons, 960 squares of netting and 1200 pieces of blue cord!!!
Emma made most of the hoops and glued on the frogs and bows in advance of our arrival but Tom wound ribbons around at least 40 of the hoops and I stuck on the same number of frogs and raffia bows.

Cutting ribbons and cord and threading the beads and charms took me two days and I had bandaids on four of my fingers by the end because the cord was cutting into them.
Emma wanted the green and yellow ribbon to have a little loop at the top before tying the cord with the bead and charm on it around.  I found a broom handle came in handy for this.
After glueing the ribbons to the hoop, one of the local lads helped us for a while tieing the almonds into the netting.
Then I had to tie them individually to the hoops before adding the final turquoise ribbon with a keyring.

Here are the finished articles all hanging prettily on two trees.
Whilst I was spending 60 hours on Bouboniera for the adults, Emma was busy making Bouboniera for the children.  These ones were for girls.

Tom painted some wicker balls on which Emma strung ribbons and we hung from the trees
Emma filled some vases with coloured gravel, netting, candy canes and more sweets.
She bought candle holders for the tables but because the colour of some of the embellishment on them was the wrong blue - she painted them turquoise over the top!!!
She tied 240 ribbons around napkins topped with a punched crown and she had even painted blue and green "gems" on the crowns!!!  There were wooden frogs and crowns for added decoration and Emma also made large hoops with a central froggy image festooned with ribbons, you can see them hanging from the trees in the final photos which are taken at the venue which we decorated with fabric and some really spectacular balloons.   The entrance also held a stand (made by our son-in-law) for a guest book, and lanterns all decorated by Emma.  Here are the final piccies:

Our Grandson with his proud parents (his Daddy is holding him), the Godfather and priest. The baby didn't even cry!!!

The party venue:

Emma looking out of this world beautiful
Tommy and me

Even the wine bottles were customised, courtesy of the photoshopping skills of our son-in-law.

I did warn you that there were a lot of pictures!!!!

Sorry I haven't been visiting you know why!!!


Dorcas said...

OMGoodness! O looooove all the frogs!! What a ton of work but it looks like it was a lot of fun too making all the bobbles.

Dena said...

Wow! What a festivity!!!! It looks like it turned out fantastic! What a memory for all of you and to celebrate something so special!!!! Cute frog theme!
Hugs, Dena

Deb said...

wow, that is just amazing, I didn't even realise how long the post was I was just glued! So different to a UK christening! So much effort and detail! I am so impressed! So glad you all had a lovely time!
have a great day, happy crafting, Debxx

debby4000 said...

WOW this is amazing.

Kim Piggott said...

Oh my Lesley what a lot of work but oh so utterly gorgeous!
Beautiful, wonderful creations and thank you for sharing with us your beautiful family, so glad it was a brilliant day!
kim x

Anonymous said...

WOWZER girl!! When you make a project, you don't mess around!! LOL!! They all look fantastic and such a sweet color combo for them all as well!!

Such a gorgeously decorated party!! Looks like a fantastic time!! Congrats to the little tyke!! :)

Faye said...

My goodness, I thought you went for some sunshine witht he family! That's a project and a half, but the results are worth it. They look wonderful. It looks like a happy day too. Much love. xxx

Jules said...

Wow Lesley

How special!!!

A real labour of love .. .. and everything looks stunning!!

What wonderful photographs.

Love Jules xx

Dawn B. said...

Oh my gosh Lesley.. this is fabulous. What a wonderful way to celebrate. All that hard work paid off. It looks like it was a beautiful day. Great work for your hours of labor and bandaged fingers.

xxxtglxxx said...

Oh wow, these pictures are amazing, you have been so busy!! :)



Cathy said...

Wow, Leslie, I came to congratulate you on being the Guest Designer for Mo's Digital pencil this month and follow your blog and I got to enjoy the photos for our grandson's baptism photos. Boy what wonderful creations you both/all made for his special event!!!So Congratulations, Can't wait to see what you create :)

Iulia said...

Hey sweetie and congrats for being our new GDT over at Mo's! Your work is fantastic, you've surely deserved it!
I wanted to get back to you a awhile ago after readinbg yoyr long post on my blog; OMG girl you shouldn't have gone through so much trouble explaining those stuff to me; I have never thought about those things, I swear so I had not the slightest idea why you felt embarassed.
Now, what you are showing us here is lots of work and such adorable decorations! Wow! I might get back here and copy (hehe:)) some of those fabulous frog ornaments if the occasion arises. Your card looks so beautiful; I enloarged the image and read the saying- truly fantastic work all in all!
You have a gorgeous grandson- I have a 2 yr old son too (your little one seem about my son's age)- so I know how sweet they are now.
Wish you all the best! It turned out a wonderful party, I bet- and congrats for your work !
Hugs, Iulia

Julie said...

Super pics Lesley, and I can see now that life isn't one long holiday!! Looks like a wonderful celebration! Juliexx

Turtle In The Sand said...

AMAZING! I think that about sums it up. Hugs, Linda