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Saturday, 2 June 2012

I've been away and have photos and some news

I've been away with the Hubster, visiting our family in Crete.  Anyone who is thinking of going on holiday to one of the Greek Islands this summer should not be put off by the media scaremongering.  The Greek people are just as lovely as before the Euro crisis, the food is just as tasty, the scenery is just as beautiful and goodness me they need their tourism business.  These are our wonderful hosts:

And this is Nana sharing a special moment. (Streuth - Nana hasn't any makeup on!) and the little one in the paddling pool with Grandpa (I have saved you from photos of Grandpa in his swim shorts!).

I think he might want to be a DJ when he grows up. He is still only 2 so things could change

And lastly, for those of you who saw Tyranasaurus Frog on my recent post here, I also had a visit from a much smaller specimen whom I thought would make a very pretty brooch. He is real-size in my hand below but when I tried him on as jewellery, I used Photoshop to magnify him in situ on my chest.  (I also took the liberty of smoothing out my scraggy neck and whitening my teeth!!!!).  He was later returned safely to the garden.
No card today
 - but I do have a little news... 
You will be seeing more cards from me going forward because I have the great honour to have been chosen for the Sketch Saturday DT from the middle of this month. 


Susie Little said...

Lovely photo's, it looks like tou have a wonderful time!

We are delighted to have you on the team, I'm really looking forward to your fabulous makes! :) xx

An Occasional Genius said...

What gorgeous photos Lesley! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Not too sure about the brooch though! Congrats on the new DT spot xx

Turtle In The Sand said...

That grandson of your sure has an infectious smile. I can just hear him giggling in the splash pool. Made my heart smile. Lovely photos, lovely family and the most unusual brooch I have ever seen. Congrats on the new DT position. Looking forward to seeing your wonderful creations.


coops said...

gorgeous pics lesley.your grandson is so cute and love your unique brooch :D
huge congrats on joining the sketch sarurday DT too :D

xx coops xx

Dena said...

Oh Leslie! You and those frogs!!! EEEK! I'll steer clear when you are playing with those haha!!
Glad you had a great time in Crete! I would so love to go some time! Such a cute little boy.
Thanks for sharing the pics. I love seeing a little more about your life!!!
Hugs, Dena

Dena said...

Oh shoot! Congrats on being on the Sketch Saturday team!
Hugs, Dena

Unknown said...

Fab photo's Lesley thank you for sharing , and Nana looks very proud of her fabulous family, glad to see you had a super time.
Hugs Elaine

Faye said...

:))))))) xx

Janiel/ janny said...

Hey cutie pie!!!! So glad that you had a great time!!!! Just so you know...I LOVE FROGS TOO!!! In fact my nic name growing up was frog and my son (Cody) nick name is Toad. HAHAHAHA.. I collect all things frogs.. tee hee heeeee

Congrats to you on the DT!!! And by the way.. YOU DON'T NEED MAKEUP YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL DEAR!

One week to go until Toad comes home. He is in ROme right now..
big big hugs..

Jules said...

Hi Lesley

I am very late catching up with your blog .. .. I'm sorry .. .. but just had to leave a comment to say huge congratulations on being chosen to join the Sketch Saturday DT!! You must be so excited.

Loving all the photographs you have posted and had to smile at the frog brooch!!

Love Jules xx